Meet our Pastor
Pastor Steve & Cindy Rogers

Steve & Cindy have been the lead pastors at Elim Tabernacle since February 2006. Prior to lead pastoring,  Steve & Cindy served as the assistant pastor at Elim Tabernacle for over 10 years.  Steve has a masters degree in Biblical Studies from Midwest Bible College.  He is the head chaplain for the Greenfield Police and Fire departments.  Cindy serves as the Ladies Department leader.  They are proud parents, and are loving being grandparents to their 3 grandkids.

In Pastor Steve's words - "I pastor the coolest church in the mid-west - serving amazing people that actually LIVE a lot like Jesus. Serving the community - Loving the unloved - building UP the Broken - really - these people are amazing - what do I do as a Pastor - I serve the Servants - and there is nothing else like it..."